Palmer Digital is a design agency constantly at work adding character and creativity to computing.

Our clients have ranged from newly-formed startups to fortune 500 companies. We’re constantly on the search for new and interesting clients in our mission to make a strong and professional online presence available to everyone.

Let’s team up.

If your company offers web design, or offers it as part of a larger package, you can save thousands on each project by contracting out the web design work to Palmer Digital. Simply send us projects you feel you can sell at a higher profit. We quote it based on our pricing method, and complete the project on your behalf.

Our biggest effort of all is put into customer service, as it is an area where many design agencies of this nature fall short. We base every one of our relationships on performance, professionalism, and above all, mutual trust. You’re ensured a constant bridge of communication throughout every project, as it will always lead to stronger and more accurate results.

If you think a partnership with us would be a good fit for your business, let us know, we’d love to work with you. We’re all about finding the perfect fit for every scenario, and that philosophy extends to our affiliates and partners.

Send us projects you feel you can sell at a higher profit. We quote it based on our pricing method, and complete the project on your behalf.

Two economical pricing plans

1. Pricing by the project (most popular)

When you encounter a project you’d like to contract out, simply send the requested work to us.

We’ll quote it based on our pricing model, which your company can then mark up and sell to your client.
Quotes start at just $999.

Palmer Digital puts as much concern into price optimization as we do into overall quality. We take care to ensure the best possible ROI for our clients.

Here’s an example of a $999 project:

  • Designing of website, concluding with mock-ups of the home page and a sample page.
  • Development of website with around 10-15 search engine optimized, mobile responsive web pages
  • Integration of client-supplied content and images optimized and formatted for search engine friendliness
  • Domain and email setup, if needed
  • Integration of basic tools such as contact forms, antivirus, spam filter, etc.
  • Instruction booklet for updating and maintaining your website, plus one session of training

2. Pricing month-to-month

If your agency is constantly being given update and maintenance requests, you may be interested in our on-demand service, billed monthly. A constant rate is billed to you, regardless of the amount of service done each month. Think of it as a model similar to Netflix—one monthly rate, unlimited service.

Clients are initiated via a brief meeting where we explore your web design needs, which can include anything from web design and hosting to graphic design, digital marketing, and app development. We then determine the monthly rate at which the client is billed from then on in exchange for service. The rate can go up or down over time if the workload substantially changes, but we work to keep it consistent in order to make things easier for both parties.

Click here to learn more about month-to-month pricing.


Palmer Digital is a full-fledged web design agency. From designing tailored WordPress themes to developing full-stack web applications, we can take care of whatever web-based need your customers may have. We’ve provided services such as:


  • Website design, development & hosting
  • Graphic, logo, and template design
  • Programming interactive displays & kiosks
  • E-commerce integration
  • Backend web development & system administration
  • Mobile app design & development
  • Digital Printing, banners & brochures
  • Social media and PPC advertising assistance
  • Web application architecture
  • On-page Search engine optimization
  • WordPress maintenance and plugin/theme development

Say goodbye to email chains.

Palmer Digital offers a client portal for each project. Avoid a messy inbox and keep everyone on your team up to date, no inbox searching or forwarding required!

Using the client portal, you’ll be able to:

  • View a complete timeline of our progress on your project
  • Communicate with us team-to-team without the need for lengthy group email conversations
  • Upload examples, graphics, photos, and other resources for us to use
  • Download mockups, manuals and other materials
  • Review and pay your bill
  • Relax knowing that everyone is on the same page throughout the course of the project!

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