Today, I’m excited to reveal our brand new service—Design On Demand, a completely new approach to the Web Design market.

When you sign up for Design On Demand, you get unlimited web design, creation, and maintenance for a flat monthly rate! Send in as many requests and revisions as you’d like while always paying the same amount per month.

Utilizing a unique business model that optimizes quality and cost, our service will have web developers on-call to take as many requests as you need at any time throughout the day. There’s no catch or special requirements, other than a brief meeting to see if the service would make a good fit for your needs. We’re still working out the details, but the monthly rate will probably fall in between $300-400 with a 2 week money-back guarantee.

Design On Demand is a great service for customers who…

  • need a website, but are on a tight budget
  • maintain a website currently but are overloaded with the process
  • have a strained, sparse, or overpriced relationship with their current web developer
  • want to offload website maintenance from their design team
  • need a website for their company, but are hesitant on hiring in-house developers

As noted, this is a totally new approach that completely turns the current web design methods of hourly billing and revision fees on its head. We’re excited to offer this unique service, while at the same time being very cautious and precise about the execution.

So here’s who we’re looking for currently: customers who are willing to help us test-drive Design On Demand, who are aware and understanding of the hiccups that come with launching a new service. Upon signing up, you can send us as much web design work as you’d like throughout each month for a reduced monthly rate, with unlimited maintenance and revisions. There’s no risk involved—If at any point during the test run you’re unsatisfied with the service, you can opt out and get your money back.

Use the form below to be notified when the service is available for testing. We’re excited for the opportunity to work with you, and thank you for helping us create a fully functional service that will help many entrepreneurs with their design needs in the years to come!

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