Below are a few of the most recent projects we’ve had the pleasure to create for our clients.

OnStar Interactive Kiosks

During the Detroit Auto Show in January 2018, the COBO center show floor was speckled with our interactive OnStar kiosks showcased at the GMC, Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac booths. The client requested an interactive, “living” menu that promoted each of the different features that OnStar offers. The result took the form of several giant touch screens that attracted curious viewers throughout the week-long event.

Games for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

BCBSM contracted us in hopes to create a handful of trivia games for kiosk and tablet that would teach users the ins and outs of health insurance. We returned with three beautiful HTML5-powered attractions that actually succeeded in bringing the fun out from such a normally intimidating subject.

General Motors Fleet Connection Center

An app developed for iPad kiosk use, this interactive demo highlightes all the ways General Motors Fleet offers to connect their customers to each other in a card-based interface that is both informative and user-friendly.

MVP Collaborative

Occasionally we are asked to design the websites of digital agencies themselves. With no effort spared, our best foot is put forward in their stead to develop an aesthetically-stunning and intuitive marketing website that we both are proud to release. The latest in design standards, extensive browser compatibility testing, and careful SEO strategies are implemented in everything we build.

Michigan Defense Center

The MEDC commissioned us to showcase online their newest effort, the Michigan Defense Center. Not only did they come out with spectacular online first impression, but included with their website was a robust backend that ensured that the website could be updated quickly and reliably with or without our help. We include such a UI in each of our clients’ projects.

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