Palmer Digital is a lean web design company specifically focused on services for digital agencies.

Our team is constantly at work at work adding character and creativity to the web. Our clients have ranged from newly-formed startups to Fortune 500 companies, but our favorites have always been those who share our combined love of strategy, technology, and problem solving—making digital agencies a natural fit.

We’re consistently on a mission to find strategic partnerships that bring us both closer to achieving our goals. And we’re looking forward to helping you with yours.

How can we
help you?

If your company offers web design, or offers it as part of a larger package, you can save thousands on each project by contracting out the web design work to Palmer Digital. Simply send us projects you feel you can sell at a higher profit. We quote it based on our lean pricing method, and complete the project on your behalf. Alternatively, you can refer the client to us in exchange for an agreed upon finder’s fee.

Palmer Digital takes utmost care to ensure the best possible ROI for our clients putting as much concern into price optimization as we do into overall quality. Furthermore, our team promises you a constant bridge of communication throughout every project via phone or Slack to ensure stronger and more accurate results.

If you think a partnership with us would be a good fit for your business, let us know, we’d love to work with you. We’re all about finding the perfect fit for every scenario, and that philosophy extends to our affiliates and partners.


Nick Palmer is the Lead Consultant at Palmer Digital. He has been programming for the World Wide Web nearly since its inception and knows every trick in the book. He started Palmer Digital after five years of research on best practices of managing cost in the business, and since then has been saving digital agencies time and money on web development in the most efficient and human way possible.

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Nicole Holtz is the Project Manager at Palmer Digital. She holds a Master’s in Public Administration from U of M and has an imposing track history in project and campaign management. An authority in time organization, Nicole is the reason our team can complete so many projects in so little time.

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Palmer Digital is a full-fledged web design agency. From designing tailored WordPress themes to developing full-stack web applications, we can take care of whatever web-based need your customers may have. We provide services such as:


Website design, development & hosting

Our team is not known for saying no to tough projects. Being a full-stack web design agency, we’ll handle any aspect of web work, be it prototyping, design, programming, or maintenance.

Graphic, logo, & template design

Let one of our prestigious graphic designers assist you with your branding, layouts, themes, or anything else that requires an aesthetic eye.

Programming interactive displays & kiosks

We’ve programmed custom interactive displays of all sorts for all ranges of clients. For a couple examples, be sure to check out our case studies.

E-commerce integration

Creating online marketplaces is one of our top skills. If you need to create an online store, we will not only take on the work but also remove the complexity often associated with selling online.

We also offer:

Social media and PPC advertising assistance

Web application architecture

On-page search engine optimization

WordPress plugin/theme development

Backend web development & system administration


As mentioned before, Palmer Digital puts as much concern into price optimization as we do into overall quality. Pricing is determined on a per-project basis and factors in your budget, your client’s budget and the scope of work to be done. We view you as our partner, and as such we will work together with you to determine a pricing model that works best for both of us.

Case Studies

OnStar Interactive Kiosks

GM Fleet Connection Center

MVP Collaborative

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