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OnStar Interactive Kiosks

GM Fleet Connection Center

MVP Collaborative

“As an integrated marketing + advertising agency SSDM provides a wide-range of services including digital and social strategy, PPC management, creative design and web development servicing multiple verticals.”

Palmer Digital regularly has the pleasure of working alongside Detroit-based digital marketing trendsetter SSDM. Our partnership aims to allow the digital media company to broaden their web design scope of services, and to confidently take on web design projects that they would not profit from otherwise.

When SSDM’s branding started to change, the company came to us to redesign their website. Taking their design and development specifications to mind, we were able to develop a lightweight yet professional site that would fulfill their needs as they started taking on larger projects.

In 2018 SS Digital Media was in the process of transitioning their brand over to the more-encompassing title of SSDM, and needed a website to reflect the change. The kicker was that the new design, which was quite advanced for WordPress, needed to be driven entirely by ElegantThemes’ Divi theme. Divi was not even close to having the extensibility needed to complete the project, but we were determined to make it work.


Create a website that reflects the professionalism and capability of SSDM.

Follow the provided mockup to pixel precision, while using the WordPress Divi them as a base.

Make the site not only with a light footprint, but also faster than their previous site.



To keep the site as “vanilla” as possible, we made small variations to the existing theme using JavaScript. Once that was done, extensive CSS changes were added overtop to fit the style guidelines, and eventually emulate the design itself. Meanwhile, the backend’s intuitive site builder stayed virtually unmodified.

  • Palmer Digital served as mentors to best style and development practices along the course of the project.
  • As design ideas changed, we were quick to incorporate them into the scope of development.
  • As SSDM’s redesign came to a close, we took the opportunity to track down design issues during the project and streamline them for future work. For example, analyzing changes that occurred during development gave us the chance to develop communication standards and software that were used for subsequent web designs projects, speeding up the process nearly five-fold.


What we emerged with was a beautiful marketing website that not only pushed the boundaries of what could be achieved using the tools provided, but did so with such a small footprint that it compared to that of a stock WordPress installation. A robust, drag-and-drop content management system on the backend made site updates a breeze.

MVP Collaborative

“Brands, like the world they exist in, aren’t flat. For almost 40 years, MVP Collaborative has been creating new dimensions for brands in ways that traditional marketing mediums simply can’t.”

MVP Collaborative is an event and video marketing agency that puts creativity and experience before all else. They are also our oldest client. Besides sharing a building with them, MVP has partnered with Palmer Digital in a variety of events so as to ensure that their digital media production reaches the same high standards as their experiential marketing proficiency.

Occasionally we are asked to design the websites of digital agencies themselves. With no effort spared, our best foot is put forward in their stead to develop an aesthetically-stunning and intuitive marketing website that we both are proud to release. The latest in design standards, extensive browser compatibility testing, and careful SEO strategies are implemented in everything we build. None of which was an exception when MVP Collaborative requested that we redesign their website to reflect the latest standards.



When building a marketing website, performance is just as important as panache. We pushed a lightweight content management system to its limits to to esure the result was as originative and clever as the company it represented.

Our consultant conferred directly with the graphic designer during the project, collaborating on designs and ensuring that the ideas brought to the table coherently translated over to the final design.

Techniques were employed to ensure that pages heavily centered on video would not slow down loading times or make the page look too busy.

Despite the website’s heavy reliance on dynamic elements, an user-friendly backend was developed to ensure that the client would be able to update any portion of the website at any time.



Click below to see MVP’s completed website: A showcase of their best work for a plethora of triple-A clients. A wonderful first impression fitting for one of the most experienced experiential agencies in the Detroit area.

OnStar Interactive Kiosks

For the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, OnStar contracted MVP Collaborative to design and develop an interactive tool for attendees. Palmer Digital helped create a unique “living” menu that promoted each of the different features that OnStar offers. The result took the form of several giant touch screens that attracted curious viewers throughout the week-long event.



  • Custom interactive displays showcasing various features of an OnStar subscription were created for each booth they would occupy: Cadillac, GMC, Buick and Chevrolet.
  • We adapted quickly and efficiently for unforeseen changes in the design specification, such as rewriting the DOM code to use Canvas and adding support for multiple languages.
  • The finished product used a custom-written Canvas-based library to mimic a “living,” ever-moving menu which helped to attract visitors.
  • Our consultant also accompanied the setup team to assist in installing and monitoring the kiosks (Pictured, left) during their time at the COBO Center.


Throughout the Auto Show, attendees interacted and explored OnStar’s various services using the interactive touchscreens set up throughout each automaker’s booth.

The client was thoroughly impressed with the software and requested it be repurposed as an interactive demo in dealerships nationwide.

To the right is a video of a laptop screen demonstrating the kiosk functionality.

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General Motors Fleet Connection Center

An app developed for iPad kiosk use, this interactive demo, also contracted via MVP Collaborative, highlights all the ways General Motors Fleet offers to connect their customers to each other in a card-based interface that is both informative and user-friendly. It was used in dealerships across the United States to promote the connectivity capabilies of GM Fleet.



  • The web application was designed based on specifications from the client. Features of this program included a login function for dealers and responsive design capability, in the event that the application needed to be used on TVs or PCs.
  • The application also allowed its users to download or email slides of the presentation to themselves at any time.
  • As the elements in the application were changing constantly, the architecture of the application was written to allow for the quick swapping of pre-made imagery. All of Palmer Digital’s web applications are designed with the expectation that they will need to be updated in the future, sometimes by the clients themselves.


GM Fleet continued using the interactive application into 2019, with consistent updates requested. It has been repurposed many times in order to share the Fleet’s connectivity options in a variety of different ways.

To the right is a video of a laptop screen demonstrating the app’s functionality.

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